Logging into Cisco VPN

1. First confirm that you have reached out to Raven IT and given your smart phone phone number. Confirm that you have the DUO application installed either through the app store or google store.

Confirm that you have the Raven DUO protected instance installed

Then log into https://proxy.ravenind.com and download the client for your computer. you will have to authenticate with DUO by going to Step 3.

2. After installation of AnyConnect launch the software.

Confirm proxy.ravenind.com is the site you are connecting to

(What the screen looks like in OS X)


3.After entering in your username and password select ok

4. Log into your android or apple phone that has been authenticated with DUO

5. You should get a notification on your phone that you are trying to login to the VPN.



6.Tap to view actions another prompt will show



7. Select APPROVE (note that there is a timeout associated with this process so its best to immediately have your phone available) Also after a couple of failed responses, your DUO account gets locked. Contact IT to have them unlock it.

8. When the approval on the phone comes through, a prompt will show on the computer from which Cisco Anyconnect is installed (OS X, MS Windows, Linux) at with the Raven Banner


and you might see a Windows 10 notification in the corner


9. Select Accept and you are now connected to the VPN. Any traffic from a web browser or application is now going through proxy.ravenind.com