Using SCCM for windows updates

1. Log into Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager

Sync Software Update

2. Go to Administration and sites

3. Right click on the Primary Site


4. Click on Configure Site Components and Software Update point

5. Select Synchronize from Microsoft Update

6. Under the Products tab select the products you wish to work with (Silverlight, Windows 10, Windows Defender)

7. Under Sync Schedule enable the time from which you want an index

8. Under Monitoring Select Software Update Point Synchronization

9. Confirm Icon status is Green and confirm the most recent date under the Last Synchronization Attempt field.

10. Go to Software Library and under the Software Updates folder select All Software Updates

11. Right click and synchronize Software Updates group


12. Click Yes on the following prompt

Create Software Update Group

1. Go to Software Library and All Software Updates

2. On the tool bar choose Manage Searches for Current Node


3. Define your WSUS search and click OK


4. Under the All Software Updates search results you can either CTRL+click each update or SHIFT+Click from top to bottom all updates

You can also add to the search criteria under Add Criteria for product (i.e. Windows 10) only filtering.


5. Right click on the highlighted selection and go to Create software update Group

6. Name the Group and click on Create

Create Software Update package

1.Right click and choose Download.


2. Name the deployment package and browse to the folder from which you want the updates to download (ie. \\sfdsccm0\ServiceDesk\2020 Deployment Patches\Windows 10 Feb Security Updates)


3. You choose Add and then choose either distribution point or distribution point group


4. Click OK

5. Set the distribution priority and click Next

6. Download software updates is the most common option and click Next.

7. Select the update languages for products (Chinese, Dutch, English, Portuguese) and click Next.

8. Click next.


9. Once completed click Close